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Recognising our longest-serving employee and welcoming our newest joiner:

Josh (pictured left) has been with RAW almost from the start - he has seen the loan book grow from £10m to nearly £100m.

We are extremely grateful for his contribution to the team - thank you, Josh.

Josh: "It’s been a great experience working at RAW over the past five years. Our products have seen significant growth and now occupy an important part of a broker's portfolio. RAW have a quality team and I’m looking forward to working with them for another five years, continuing to deliver an exceptional service to our network of counterparties."

We are also very excited to welcome Louis (right) who joins us on our graduate programme. Louis is starting off in the new business team - in just 2 weeks, Louis has handled more than £3m worth of your cases!

Louis will be another point of contact for new business.

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