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500 mortgage loans and rising!

Despite all of the challenges that the industry has faced in the past couple of years, we have continued to grow. And now, we are launching into 2022 with more than 500 loans on our books!

The majority of these loans are secured against new-build apartments in major towns and cities, with a few exceptions from our core portfolio.

However, no two borrowers are the same! We have a ‘no-tick box approach’ which allows us to consider unusual cases mainstream lenders overlook - including borrowers with low/no income, self-employed, of retirement age, resident overseas...

Our aim this year is expand our network of amazing introducers and continue to provide a competitive, fast and flexible service. We value your opinions and have already increased our maximum LTV to 60% to make RAW Mortgages more accessible than ever.

We still welcome your feedback, and endeavour to find ways to help our clients in the best way that we can.

Contact our team today to submit an application or discuss any potential enquiries.

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