A High Interest, Highly Diversified Bank Deposit Fund

The RAW Sterling Cash Deposit Fund is suited to investors wishing to improve investment returns on GBP cash deposits. The Fund offers investors a quicker, more convenient and cost effective way to manage cash than opening multiple bank accounts.

Diversification of Risk

A convenient method of diversifying counterparty risk across several banking institutions.

Trusted and Secure

We only invest in bank deposits and certificates of deposit with high-quality institutions.

Transparent Fees

One single management fee is charged to investors.

Easy to Invest

A quicker, more cost-effective way of managing cash than opening multiple bank accounts.

Our Commitment to You

The investment objective of the RAW Sterling Cash Deposit Fund is to generate a better return than is typically available on one-month bank deposits whilst reducing counterparty risk by placing deposits with multiple banking institutions.

Target net annualised returns of 0.35%

Fund Performance

The Fund’s target investment return is to outperform one-month GBP LIBOR before fees on any rolling 12-month basis.

Since its inception in July 2014, the fund has outperformed its benchmark while reducing the counterparty risk to which its investors are exposed.

Monthly Performance +0.02%
YTD +0.12%
Since inception +5.37%

About the RAW Sterling Cash Deposit Fund

The Fund offers a quicker, more convenient and cost-effective way of managing cash than opening multiple bank accounts.

The Fund is actively managed and invests solely in certificates of deposit and bank deposits with high-quality banking institutions. It provides a stable and secure way of investing. We never attempt to enhance yield via derivatives or structured products.

Asset allocation by institutional counterparty

Asset Allocation by Maturity

Counterparty credit profile (CET1 Ratio)

Risk Management

In conjunction with our cash advisor, JCAP Treasury Services, we actively manage cash deposits over time to seek the best risk-adjusted returns from a panel of banking institutions.

All counterparty exposure, liquidity and risk profiles of banking institutions are actively and closely monitored.

Key Facts

RAW Sterling Cash Deposit Fund
Investment Manager
RAW Capital Partners Limited
Target Net Annualised Return
Liquidity / Redemption
Monthly / 35 day notice
Accumulation / Income
Legal (Guernsey)
Collas Crill
Royal Bank of Canada (Channel Islands) Limited
Inception Date
July 2014
Cash Advisor
JCAP Treasury Services
Base Currency
Grant Thornton
Vistra Fund Services (Guernsey) Limited
Fund Domicile

Fund Structure

The RAW Sterling Cash Deposit Fund is a cell of RAW Alpha PCC Limited, a protected cell company registered with limited liability in Guernsey on 10 December 2012 having registration number 55993.

The Fund is authorised as an open ended Class B scheme by the Guernsey Financial Services Commission.

Investment Manager Profile

RAW Capital Partners Limited is a boutique asset management company incorporated and based in Guernsey. The Directors have a strong previous track record and share a combined experience in financial markets of over 100 years. Proprietary investment strategies are backed by sound logic and implemented in a consistent, repeatable and disciplined manner, with the emphasis on carefully analysing potential investment returns for a given unit of risk.

Corporate Governance

Assets are held in the name of the Fund and are under the control of its Custodian. The Fund is domiciled in Guernsey and oversight of the Fund is provided by an independent board of directors. RAW Capital Partners Limited is regulated under the Protection of Investor legislation by the Guernsey Financial Services Commission.

RAW Sterling Cash Deposit Fund - Multiple Layers of Governance

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