Investor fund event

Raw Capital Partners recently hosted 2 events at La Fregate Hotel and St James, Guernsey, highlighting key milestones and our commitment to investment opportunities. There was an evening session and a breakfast gathering, drawing an enthusiastic crowd curious about the featured fund.

The occasion provided updates on the fund's recent milestones, showcasing its growth and performance. Investors got insights into the fund's workings and potential for future growth.

"This event was a testament to the vibrant investment landscape. We were thrilled to witness such a strong turnout, showcasing the collective interest and confidence in our fund." said Tim Parkes, Managing Director at Raw Capital Partners. "It served as a platform for existing investors to witness our progress firsthand and for new potential investors to explore the opportunities our fund presents."

The well-attended sessions demonstrated investors' interest in Guernsey's financial ecosystem, reaffirming the event's success in fostering a collaborative environment for knowledge exchange and networking. Raw Capital Partners extends an open invitation to those interested in future events to connect with James Armstrong at [email protected] for more information and participation details.

We're committed to hosting such events regularly, providing a continuous avenue for investors to stay updated and engaged with the fund's developments, extending an invitation to new investors.

Investor fund event