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The RAW Mortgage Fund recently reached the milestone of having lent more than £50m across more than 250 deals since it was launched.

"We've had a busy year of growth" said Tim Parkes, managing director of RAW Capital Partners "having worked closely with a number of Trust companies across the Channel Islands and specialist mortgage brokers in the UK and internationally.

The RAW Mortgage Fund provides investors with very consistent investment returns and has delivered annual Institutional returns averaging more than 4% each year over the last four years.

Our focus since we launched the Fund has been lending to non-UK resident investors buying UK residential property, but at the modest end of the scale (whereas the major lenders focus on larger deals and higher value property, that has the disadvantage of being more volatile in value). Our credit team have prudently built up a highly diversified loan book. Each loan is secured with a first legal charge against quality UK residential property with an average loan-to-value ratio of just 48% and an average loan size of £215,000."

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