Here are some things we are doing to help minimise and mitigate our impact on the environment: 

1. we focus our investments on assets with strong environmental credentials*. 

2. our premises are equipped with LED lightbulbs and other energy-saving technology 

3. our processes are paperless 

4. 100% of our office furniture is recycled. 

5. we have minimised plastic in kitchen waste 

6. we recycle plastic, cardboard and glass and compost food waste 

7. three-quarters of our team walk, cycle, or use public transport to get to work 

8. we are delighted to be supporting the Pollinator Project in Guernsey 

9. we are a Certified Carbon Neutral business. You can view our certification here.

* As a private lender, closer interaction with our borrowers allows us to engage with them to address material ESG issues and influence positive change e.g making insulation or double glazing improvements mandatory.



Our social objectives involve engaging our employees and business partners to be active in their communities and seek positive change for their stakeholders. 



Our policies, procedures and controls seek to ensure our borrowers are prudent investors and responsible landlords. 



We support diversity and inclusion in our workforce by providing a flexible, safe and supportive working environment. 



We are actively involved in supporting both environmental and social projects locally and overseas.


RAW Capital Partners is committed to sustainable development and making a positive contribution to the world we’re in. 

As part of our commitment to change, we have formalised our responsible investment policy to provide a robust framework for the management of ESG-related risks within the business. 

Click below to read our Responsible Investment Policy.


Responsible Investment Policy