RAW Wealth Management

RAW Wealth Management offers bespoke managed portfolios, private opportunities and special opportunities for exceptional investor value presented on a consultative basis.

Bespoke Portfolios

Our team in Guernsey will work with you to create a portfolio specific to your investment requirements which may be very conservative through to ‘high octane’ investments.

We can also give you access to special opportunities that we have researched extensively which you may choose to add to your portfolio.

We use our expertise and proprietary software to capture investment data and screen this for recommendation to be included, or dropped from our investment portfolios. This allows us to focus our talents on the areas of investment management that really count.  This in turn results in lower fees than traditional managers which means a much greater percentage of investment performance benefits you.

Special Opportunities

Available exclusively to existing clients, we seek opportunities for exceptional investor value and present them on a consultative basis.

We research specific investment opportunities where we believe there may be significant upside for investors. Typically these will be listed companies where we believe the share price is undervalued given the company’s prospects or where market fundamentals may be depressing the shares despite the company having solid prospects for growth.

The directors at RAW Wealth Management will normally be investing in these opportunities personally having weighed up pros and cons so we have real “skin in the game”.

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We use funds from leading providers to build our portfolios: