Cash & Treasury Management

Cash is an important asset class, often overlooked, where returns can be improved through active management and where diversification can help protect against future failures in the banking system.

RAW Sterling Cash Deposit Fund

A High Interest, Highly Diversified Bank Deposit Fund

The RAW Sterling Cash Deposit Fund is suited to investors wishing to improve investment returns on GBP bank deposits and diversify bank counterparty risk.

The Fund offers investors a quicker, more convenient and cost effective way to manage cash than opening multiple bank accounts. It makes smart use of banking relationships and credit monitoring improving returns with relatively quick access and only 35 days notice.

Bespoke Cash Funds

Bespoke funds can be created based on specific liquidity or counterparty requirements.

This may be of particular interest to large trust companies, captive insurance companies or other fiduciaries. We are happy to discuss your requirements in detail and work on a model that suits you. This could be as simple as a white labelled version, or something much more specific to your requirements operated under your own brand.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Treasury Solutions

We can help with specific treasury solutions for your business or individual clients.

We can help provide innovative solutions for the management of cash by offering sterling and foreign currency solutions plus bespoke management of foreign currency exposure.

If you would like the support of experienced, independent specialists in handling and managing appropriate treasury solutions for your business that can help reduce risk and improve returns, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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