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RAW Sterling Cash Deposit Fund

A high interest, highly diversified bank deposit fund

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RAW Mortgage Fund

Consistent returns backed by UK residential property

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We offer investors a choice of Funds designed to protect capital and provide consistent income or growth. The secrets to success behind each Fund include relationships with market participants and counterparties, the combination of automation and human oversight, and the experience of seasoned practitioners.

RAW Mortgage Fund aims to provide very consistent returns and protect investor capital, much like a traditional building society. The Fund originates mortgage loans secured by a first legal charge against UK residential property, lending quite conservatively (up to a maximum 55% of property value) to ensure a good margin of capital security. The Fund benefits from the consistent interest income generated by the loans to a broad range of borrowers secured on a large number of properties.

RAW Sterling Cash Deposit Fund for example makes smart use of banking relationships and credit monitoring, seeking improved investment returns on cash deposits. The Fund offers investors a simple, more cost effective way to diversify counterparty risk than opening multiple bank accounts.