Alternative Lending

We offer access to the Alternative Lending market for both investors and borrowers


Invest in secured property loans through the RAW Mortgage Fund

  • Secured
  • Diversified
  • Solid returns


Borrow secured against UK or Channel Island Property

  • Fast decisions
  • Flexible approach
  • Short term finance available

Other Alternatives

If you are interested in investing through Alternative Lending or Peer to Peer platforms RAW Wealth Management can construct a portfolio of Alternative Lending Platform investments and, from time to time, source opportunities that are not be in the public domain.

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There is a growing market in lending sources outside traditional banks who have become constrained post the financial crisis by regulation, capital and internal policy makers - called Alternative Lending.



The market has developed rapidly over the past 5 years with a growing number of Peer to Peer lenders, privately funded initiatives and new businesses raising capital through listings.

RAW Capital Partners entered this market in 2015 with the RAW Mortgage Fund. The Fund provides investors with diversified exposure, “Many to Many” rather than Peer to Peer, as investment risk is spread across all mortgages made from the Fund.

The RAW Mortgage Fund focusses on conservative lending, secured against UK residential property largely in the buy-to-let market segment. The Fund lends up to 50% of property valuation and always takes a first legal charge. This segment of the UK mortgage market has outstanding balances of £200 billion and an annual new business flow of over £20 billion. Arrears in this market are low relative to owner occupied property, particularly so against lower loan to value lending. The market opportunity is substantial.

RAW Capital Partners can also offer access to other Alternative Lending platforms.