Our philosophy

Our philosophy


The whole team at RAW are motivated by a combined passion to perform and is focused on gaining the best outcomes for investors.


We have far fewer decision-makers than larger asset management organisations and hence we can focus our energies on producing more innovative investment solutions based on effective research delivering new opportunities for investors.


One of the most significant attributes that define boutique asset managers from larger firms is that the founders (and their team) often own most of the equity in their company. At RAW, as owners of our businesses, we are highly motivated to deliver great results for investors.

The Directors of RAW co-invest their own money in the Funds and Private Equity investments that they manage aligning their interests with investors.


Boutique asset managers, such as RAW tend to be more fleet of foot than larger peers. This helps us identify and focus on investment opportunities that produce greater risk-adjusted returns for investors.


The team at RAW understands the responsibility of managing assets for the benefit of investors, rather than simply gathering assets for the benefit of the firm.


We also firmly believe in fee transparency and a simple fee structure. Unlike many of our larger peers, for example, we do not charge additional fees that may act as a drag on performance of our Funds, such as fund setup costs and external costs associated with running a fund. We embrace the industry trend of higher competition forcing downward pressure on fees for the benefit of the end investor.


We pride ourselves on being accessible. We are all based in Guernsey and are accountable and available to our investors at all times. We encourage our investors, whether resident or not, to come and visit us as often as possible.