Private Opportunities

Property Moose

Now everyone can invest in property. Become a landlord for as little as £10. Invest quickly and simply. This is the Property Moose mantra - a platform to allow investors access to UK property investments and related debt investments at a low entry level. They can earn monthly income and share in capital growth.
Property Moose aims to offer a range of different property investments at any one time so investors can choose the investment that's right for them. Investors typically invest regularly to build up a diversified investment portfolio across the country. Each investment opportunity is structured in an individual limited company and investors become the owner of a portion of the shares or a loan in the company. Investors receive a share of the return, whether it's rental income, capital growth, or a fixed-return in relation to their shareholding. If they want to exit an investment, there is a Secondary Market within the Property Moose platform, provided there is a willing buyer, or they wait for the fixed term to expire.