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Time to back the tortoise?

Another month of excellent capital protection! Time to back the tortoise?

The RAW Mortgage Fund has provided its investors with excellent capital protection and another month of consistent returns whilst global equity markets have seen significant falls and volatility in the wake of COVID-19.  The Fund may be tortoise-like in terms of investment performance, particularly when compared to equity markets, however, there is a lot to be said for investing in a stable and consistent investment proposition that delivers positive returns month after month with no correlation to equities.

Since its launch in 2015 it has a 100% track record of positive monthly returns. The Fund delivered a return of 4.34% to institutional investors over the last 12 months, achieving 0.37% in January and 0.39% in February.
The RAW Mortgage Fund is designed to deliver consistent returns to investors, uncorrelated to global equity markets and other listed assets, whilst providing strong capital protection.  Investment returns are consistent because they reflect the regular interest payments made by mortgage borrowers to the Fund, these loans are secured with average loan to property valuations of only 46%.

Low loan-to-valuation ratios and a first legal charge in all cases help minimise the chances of capital losses to investors. Every month the Fund originates new underlying loan investments with a range of borrowers, secured on a broad range of properties, which helps maintain a diverse book of loans. 
In summary, the RAW Mortgage Fund provides very stable returns and asset protection, and has been designed to help protect your capital. We are confident we can continue to provide investors with inflation beating consistent investment returns, strong capital protection and very low volatility.
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