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OakNorth Bank – the UK bank powered by OakNorth – has provided a £20m loan to the RAW Mortgage Fund,…

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Safe as houses!

Safe as houses   Investing in real estate, alongside bonds, cash and shares, is recognised as an effective way to…

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RAW Mortgage Fund passes 4 years, £40 million

RAW is delighted to announce the RAW Mortgage Fund’s assets under management have risen to £42 million.

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RAW launches Guernsey Mortgages

Guernsey based RAW Capital Partners provides a much-needed boost to the local mortgage market RAW Capital Partners has launched a…

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Cost of renting in the UK in seven charts

As the number of people renting in the UK continues to rise, the BBC has taken a closer look at the state of private renting.

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RAW reports significant growth and consistent returns

RAW's Mortgage Fund reports significant growth and maintains consistent returns

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